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The new Ford Kuga - pioneering the rise of the mid-level SUV.


Middle to upper class South African households have predominantly been two car households. Times have changed though, changed for the tougher, with petrol prices increasing every time you sneeze, cost of new cars continuing to soar, and then regionally, our beloved Government is trying to shake us down for even more money for being behind the wheel.

One car households could well become more and more of a reality for this segment of urban society then, but not completely because of financial restraints, but also just through practicality.

I do not own a car. I absolutely love them and can talk about them all day to you, but I don’t own one.

A couple factors at play here: for basic transport I have a small motorbike I’m sentimentally committed to, my day to day life is geographically well contained, I can’t quite afford that Ferrari yet and I use Uber a lot.

The first three factors are no more than quirks, the last one a major factor. When Uber X came into the South African market a year ago, it provided a product with more value than cold South African beer to hot and bothered English tourists.

A couple touches on your phone, and a friendly driver is at your door. I’m still amazed at where R50 takes you, and when you weigh it up against monthly car payments, rising petrol and often inflated insurance costs, that R50 journey here and there becomes more and more impressive.

But, this isn’t an article about Uber, it’s actually about the ever growing importance of the mid-level SUV, and in particular my favourite of the current crop the new Ford Kuga.


Despite my revelations above, you do absolutely still need a car in your household here in South Africa. Even with improvement in cabs and public transport, the car is very much a part of South African life, and right now I’m battling to think of a better all round option than the new Ford Kuga.


It looks good, drives great, has reasonable fuel consumption, and it is rather spacious and comfortable inside. So good, it made me assess all the things you need a car for, and if it ticks each box:

-          Urban day to day driving – check
-          Shopping trips – check
-          Taking the dogs for a walk – check
-          Child friendly – check
-          Date night ride - check
-          Weekends away somewhere off the beaten track – check
-          Business meeting at a coffee shop where you park outside – check
-          A sporting day out with the boys – check
-          Road-trip holidays – check

This then lead me to the next thought of how having one really decent car per household rather than two average/impractical cars is perhaps the way forward.


Having the new Ford Kuga in the garage during the week can facilitate any general use needed. Grocery shopping, taking kids to things and all that sort of stuff. Then come weekend time, it really comes into its own providing the perfect weekend away vehicle, day trip cruiser, sports enabler, DIY shopping for home transporter.



Last week I got to do some town driving in it, but then also got to spend some decent time with it on the open road. All the while, the above sentiments were rolling around in my head, and for what you get for the price of the new Ford Kuga, it continues to make more sense even in this highly competitive car segment.


In short, it is a terrifically agile and capable driving car, with pretty much all the essential innovations you want from a more favoured premium German option. It’s durable and tough like you expect all Fords to be, and is a genuinely contemporary car that presents well.


We may all need to cut back in a poorly run country with a down economy, but sometimes sacrifices don’t need to be so terrible. It’s all how you move with the times, and in the case of the new Ford Kuga, here's a car you can do just that with.

Model shown is the Ford Kuga 2.0l TDCI AWD Titanium.

The new Ford Kuga from R321 900 - click here for all you need to know about it.

Follow Ford on Twitter @FordSouthAfrica

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