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The Infiniti Q50 Hybrid - the smartphone of cars.


The Infiniti brand is perhaps something you are not completely familiar with just yet. But it is certainly something I am becoming more and more fond of with each new model I come into contact with.


Their latest offering that I drove this past week is the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid, a car that really made me realise what a technological friendly time we are actually living in. But before I elaborate on that, let's cover some basics about the car. 

Firstly, it is a very handsome beast.




As the successor of the Infiniti G series, the Q is your entry level luxury car in the same way the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class is. With such stiff competition, the Infiniti naturally has its work cut out for it, and great efforts were made design wise to be dynamic, aerodynamic and rather appealing. From first look, the Q50 hybrid certainly ticks all these boxes. 

But it's the inside of the Q50 that really interested me, and that is where we shall now move.


First up, the big bright display screens are all touch. Life nowadays is all about touch, so why shouldn't your car be the same way. Especially with so much at your disposal nowadays in luxury cars, 'see-touch-enjoy' is a natural process.

The big 3 German manufacturers have essentially written the book on on-board innovations, and have been responsible for setting the standards in this regard ever since. So seeing how Infinit have approached this aspect of luxury motoring is very refreshing.


The Bluetooth connectivity from phone to car is effortless, and from there the instant functions of listening to music and making phone calls is a breeze.

Delve deeper into the Infiniti InTouch system and things become a lot more intuitive and even more connected from there.


By touch, or by voice, the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid becomes a larger than life 'driving smartphone' that brings everything to the fore with various apps designed for your convenience. 

Infiniti Connection further aides the process of connecting you to the road and world around you with a conceirge service and help with just about anything for any situation. As you can see, this isn't just a 'fancy Nissan', it's a real deal modern day luxury car.

Drive wise, the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid is a very interesting offering. The 3.5l v6 engine is paired with a 50 kW electric engine, so you get some pretty handy fuel consumption from the pleasure of driving this car. I have never for a second believed the numbers that car manufacturers quote on this subject, but I found 8.8l per 100 km while driving it rather impressive. 

That is an overall figure from driving in Sport, Standard and Eco modes, modes that I used timewise in that order.


With the help of the hybrid nature of the car, and driving in Eco mode, you can naturally drop that fuel consumption a fair amount, but naturally driving that way you are missing out on a fair amount of excitement. Standard mode is more than enough fun, but Sport is obviously where it's at to really get in touch with the road, and justify why you choose a premium car like the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid.


With performance in the spotlight, and the car raring to go in Sport, there are some additional features you can engage from the touch screen.


Direct Adaptive Steering is a feature which really makes this car a pleasure to drive, and it is at your finger tips just like everything else.


Heavier steering when at high speeds on the highway, lighter steering when navigating tight spots like parking lots and suburban centres - the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid is equipped to provide a very enjoyable drive.

I read a couple reviews online about the car having a very twitchy braking system, but I really didn't feel that to be the case. In every aspect of driving, I felt the car was entertaining, kinda like a great smartphone, no matter the task, it's interesting and cool and something you can see yourself incorporating into your life.

Speaking of interesting and cool, the fact this car can quite literally drive by itself is the finale of all review finales. 


By activatating Active Lane Control, the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid will stay in the lane all by itself while traveling on the highway. Within reason obviously, it follows the turns on motorways, allowing you to relax. Combine that with Intelligent Cruise Control, Forward Emergency Braking and Distance Control Assist and the car can essentially take care of itself on the open road.


It was just so enjoyable discovering and exploring all these features, and not only that, but also the ease in which they are used. Cameras? Yup, the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid also has all that sorted too with assisted parking as good as I have ever experienced it.


I really loved the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid. In the first few hours of driving it, I was naturally comparing it to the equivalent BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class, the natural competition, and two cars I really enjoy. But seeing a car through the eyes of others only robs you of a unique experience.

And that is exactly what the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid is, unique. Solid fuel consumption, great innovations, solid drive and good looks. It's a great car, and one I really wish I had more time with. It gave me that excited feeling, the one you get when you get a new smartphone and want to play around with it. 


I strongly recommend you do the same, so click on through to Infiniti SA and find out more as well as book a Test Drive. 

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