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The Ford Fiesta ST - so much better than Taylor Swift.


I often ask myself nowadays if I’m becoming a little too old and cynical. On the Gareth Cliff radio show on CliffCentral where I start my weekdays, Gareth and Mabale often rip me off for being such an old man, sometimes even playing the theme tune to Matlock when I share opinions on things.

Though I disagree, it has become a running joke and certainly something I give a bit of thought to from time to time. I think of myself as discerning and worldly, but pop culture is often completely lost on me.

I don't shy away from things of course, far from it, I mean just this morning I watched Taylor Swift's latest music video. Something that EVERYONE is talking about.

Wow, what a load of crap!

It's after watching something like this when I think of the plight of starving people around the world, and how the budget for this bollocks could have been used so much better.

How is this something worth watching or going crazy about? Cliched Charlie's Angels 'girl power' crap with cut and paste lyrics and a backing track so generic nobody would know if eight other equally average artists used it next week.

For good measure a whole bunch of stars are crammed in just so people have something to actually say about it. How does rubbish like this fly?

So maybe I am just an old git, and my colleague's jibes are 'on point'?

To test this once and for all, I decided that something young and hip and cool needed to be my 'old man' litmus test. And there is nothing younger, hipper or cooler right now than the new Ford Fiesta ST. Or so I am lead to believe by social media.


The new Ford Fiesta in general is a great deal more interesting and sexy than the previous model. I guess they decided to actually make something to live up to the name Fiesta!

The ST version, well that's something a little extra special, something I found out the moment I was handed the key.

It's a hot hatch directed at a younger sort of market. A market where making it rain involves absolutely no change in the weather, and a market that says things like 'dope' without actually referring to narcotics.

It's a car that made a lot of sense to me though, and with this latest model being a little more powerful and exciting than the old one, making sense quickly turned to making my day.

Its 1.6l turbocharged engine produces 135 kW thanks to the wonderful EcoBoost technology that is making Ford a serious automotive player right now, something you feel every bit of through the 6 speed manual transmission was nothing short of exhilarating. The leather clad gear lever seemed to throw itself into quick and excited changes, all while the car made the most beautifully 'grown up' sort of sound as it raced ahead.


I think you could throw Gandolf the grey behind the wheel of this car and make him feel like a teenager again. The drive is simply that good, brilliant in fact. I have driven some wonderfully fast cars in the last 18 months, but the new Ford Fiesta ST is right up there enjoyment wise in the 'going faster' stakes.


Looks wise, it isn’t just a Fiesta with a fancy paint job. 17” alloy rims and Recaro ST seats gives you that instant ‘race car’ type feel when you get behind the wheel, and a large ST spoiler gives it the proper modern boy-racer charm.


If this car was in Taylor Swift's music video I might get it more, and certainly 'Like' the video on Facebook if any of my friends posted it.


The substance doesn't end with drive and looks though, there are some wonderful innovations thrown in too. Smart keyless entry welcomes the driver, with the Ford Power Start Button igniting the driving experience. Bluetooth, USB, AUX connectivity naturally exists here with voice commands available too to connect you even more seamlessly to the car.


Like with a good smartphone, the new Ford Fiesta ST just has everything you need, where you want it. And this just means you can totally focus on driving it, which is something you will want to do over and over and over again.


But getting back to Taylor Swift, and that dreadfully average music video. It will get 10s of millions of hits on YouTube, but it will also be mostly forgotten within a month.

I know this, you know this, so therefore I don't feel bad about not caring for it. The new Ford Fiesta ST will be thrilling you long after a month though, and it is something I can relate to for a very long time.

That's because it holds real substance, and that never goes out of fashion or off trend. 

So I guess I'm not that old and/or cynical, just someone who appreciates substance. And the new Ford Fiesta ST.

Oh, and my golf clubs do fit in the boot too.


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