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Jaguar's got a brand new bag. The Jaguar XE.


Jaguar has always had this element of cool around them. It is a brand that has been around for what seems an eternity, and many of their cars have defined generations looking back.

Their latest legacy builder is the Jaguar XE, something that redefines the concept of the sports saloon, and offers a true ‘driver’s car’ in this segment.

Many see this new Jaguar XE as the brand becoming more accessible to motorists, but there is nothing stock standard about the car.


The rear-wheel drive XE is the only vehicle in its class to use an aluminium-intensive monocoque. Now that might be a mouthful to tell your friends, but it’s one of the main elements of this car that empowers the driver and enhance the driving experience.

This extremely light and robust structure, together with double wishbone front suspension and integral link rear axle, are fundamental in making the XE an innovative benchmark in vehicle dynamics.

They of course haven’t done this just to fill press releases, along with enhancing dynamism, this structure allows for greater fuel efficiency, and together with a range of unique diesel engines make this the most economical Jaguar to date!


It’s a sign of the times, more performance with greater economy, and through the XE, Jaguar are certainly at the forefront of what is driving the future.

If you do want the XE with a little added exhilaration, a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine tops the range, and is the same engine found in the acclaimed Jaguar F-TYPE, capable of propelling you from 0/100km/h in just 5.1 seconds.


Power is of course nothing without precision, and the Jaguar XE balances this brilliantly by being the stiffest and most aerodynamic Jaguar saloon car ever built, as well as being the first Jaguar to be equipped with electric power steering.

Interior wise, it’s Jaguar through and through. Comfort and spaciousness together with Jaguar craftsmanship make this car as impressive on the inside as it is everywhere else.


 You want to give this a test drive right?

Well Jaguar South Africa launched it here this month, so click here for all you need to know about the car’s full specs and how you can get behind the wheel of one.


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