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#CarOfTheWeek - The BMW M3 Frozen Edition.


What makes a truly great car?

Well that's an impossible question, mostly because cars are many things to many people. A housewife in her 40s could feel the same way for a Hyundai ix35 what an international arms dealer feels for a Bugatti Veyron Spider.

But for me, the true make of a great car is something that makes you feel like a different person. Any car can take you from A to B, but only the great ones 'move you'.

In the case of the BMW M3 Frozen Edition, the only car that has ever moved me as much was the Ferrari 360 spider, a car that actually changed the entire driving experience for me.


This is the BMW that BMW made when the bosses were away. It's brilliant because it is a BMW, but it's extra special as it's also a little rogue, a little dark and mysterious. Real, raw and basically just an outright badass. 


The BMW M3 Frozen Edition is an alter-ego on wheels, a machine that transforms the ordinary into the 'holy shit is this for real!'.

The above is the only way to describe this car really, as comparing it to the 'off the rack' M3 equivalent is a fairly fruitless process.

The normal BMW M3 is a great car, with each new generation it is the benchmark of the luxury sports sedan. Race track performance for the everyday drive, it is a car that people gush over each and everytime. It's so good that some purists question the need to even make a special edition like the Frozen.


People of that school of thought have a good point too. Why would you pay more for something 'special' that isn't necessarily better than the original? 

The answer to this is simple. BMW's are close to perfect in each and every way. That's how they make cars. But the BMW M3 Frozen Edition is the BMW that doesn't care about you. Sure it has all the luxuries of the normal BMW, but it shouts over all of it. It has a matt black exterior that is not practical nor everyone's cup of tea - but so what, it's raw and highly charged.

Questioning any of its attributes is like asking Jason Statham to appear in more romantic comedies.


I have resisted mentioning the sound of this car as much as possible, but the noise that comes out of this car is nothing short of incredible. Your neighbours will hate you for buying this car, when it wakes up in the morning, it's a moody and angry V8 that rumbles and growls like a dragon with a hangover. But secretly they will envy you for having the balls to drive such a beast.


You just want to get more and more of this sound, it's completely addictive and completely reason alone to buy it.

In short, the BMW M3 is good enough by itself, but much like the perfect girlfriend, wouldn't you like her even more if you found out she played in a band, knows how to cook a steak and has a penchant for spontaneous sex outdoors in public places...


There are not too many BMW M3 Frozen Editions available in South Africa, but DNA Cars has one in their stable. (POA)

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