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Are South African roads ready for self-driving cars?


Road safety is a major talking point at the moment in South Africa, it always is around the holiday periods.

As we move deeper into the age of smart ‘everythings’ though, talk of self-driving cars is starting to come to the fore. So just how far away are we from welcoming in the age of self-driving cars and with it safer motoring?

Well we have already seen the Google self-driving car and a futuristic Mercedes offering grabbing the headlines in America. Science fiction is becoming a reality then, but according to Moody’s Investor Service self-driving cars may only be a commonplace reality around the world in 2045.


Major manufacturers like Ford, Nissan, Mercedes and Tesla all had bold plans for releasing self-driving cars, but those plans have been pushed back from 2020 releases to closer to 2025.

A bigger question for me though – are South African roads ready for the self-driving revolution?

As we all know South Africa is a rather special place to live, and indeed drive. These self-driving cars are very much designed to operate in first world countries where things, let’s just say, work a little smoother than they do here.

The traffic lights go out here a lot, and not every motorist (especially in Johannesburg) understands how to use a four way stop.

Ever tried to drive in the rain in Cape Town? It’s one of the most horrifying things you can ever have the misfortune of doing. These poor self-driving cars will go into calculation overloads trying to get from A to B!

Then there is the issue of the local taxis, how do you think these self-driving cars are going to predict their frenetic movements…

On a serious note though, these self-driving cars will be pretty pricy and the maintenance and replacement of parts even more so I’m sure. South Africans also like to drive themselves too, and if for the same price as a self-driving car you could get something pretty sporty, I’m guessing the latter will win more often than not.

So the ‘safer’ self-driving future may be a little far off, but thanks to MiWay Car Insurance, you can enjoy more motoring piece of mind right now.

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These innovations will eliminate time hanging on for call centre operators that often makes the insurance process such a tedious one.

A safer self-driving future may not be in our hands just yet, but MiWay Car Insurance can be by making contact with them today.

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