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Why YouTube should be a daily essential in your life.


If I were to be asked what my true talent is, what one thing I possess as a human being that sets me apart from others, it would be my writing.

I don't mean I'm the world's best at the craft, but it is something I'm very capable of doing across a wide variety of subjects and for a great deal of mediums.

It is 2018 though, so I would be both ignorant and stubborn to think that this is what I should be channeling all my efforts into. People are reading less, and watching more. We live our lives from one screen to another, and the things on those screens aren't always beautifully constructed sentences, and delectable adjectives drawing us closer to topics.

If you don't believe me, spend sometime on YouTube. My now no.1 platform for everything. I used to read blogs and websites, but now I do so only superficially for breaking headlines and story outlines to stay in the know.

When I really want information or entertainment, I'm pressing play on something, and I'm totally okay with that now. And this is why.

YouTube is the home to master creators.

There is a massive barrier to entry when it comes to making videos. You need something decent to record videos with, sound and lighting come into the picture too, then you need to be able to edit and package what you have captured.

Anybody can start hammering away on a keyboard and put together 1000 words. I'm already a quarter of the way there, and I'm barely into my stride here.

When someone puts together a video on a subject, the chances of them being a real expert on the subject and be able to provide you with everything you need is pretty good. They wouldn't take the trouble unless they knew what they were doing.

For example, my drone filming still needs a lot of work, so I learn what I can from someone who really knows what he's doing.

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You can literally find anything on YouTube.

You want to learn a new skill, type what you are looking for into YouTube. You want some background on a current happening or story, type it into YouTube. YouTube is so good for giving you videos on exactly what you need, it is the second biggest search engine behind Google. It's so big as a 'search engine' that it is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined.

While editing videos, I often pick up new skills and tricks by just entering in whatever effect I want. For example I watched a video recently and really loved the transitions. So I typed in a description of what I thought it was, and then found a video to teach me how it is done.

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YouTube creators are the new reality TV, but better.

When it comes to entertainment, we have literally seen everything there is. Traditional TV networks and their formats are dying, and many of the shows are becoming jaded. Netflix has a lot to do with this, but YouTube is an even bigger factor. In America, YouTube reaches more adults in the 18-34 age group than any TV network. 

They are giving you what you want, when you want it, from a variety of sources - for free! I have to literally pull myself away from YouTube as there is too much to watch now that I have a solid list of people I subscribe to.

We seek authenticity nowadays, and through YouTube creators we get that. Obviously stuff is scripted and executed in a certain way by creators, but these are personality driven channels that have developed a style and created a niche that you can tap into. 

Here are some of my favourite channels that I watch on a week to week basis.



Dude Perfect





Arsenal FanTV

All of these channels are unique in their own way, and all have huge audiences watching their work each week.

The only TV I watch nowadays is live sport and maybe a few big shows on Netflix. And I really feel better off as a result. So spend some time on YouTube, constuctively of course. And naturally try find some content that pertains to your career for added benefit.


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Happy viewing. 

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