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Time to put Durban down as a Test venue.


December 2013. Jacques Kallis, South Africa's greatest ever cricketer, cruised majestically across the outfield of Kingsmead on the shoulders of his team mates as he bid farewell to the test arena. He has just played his last test match, scored another glorious 100, and guided his team to a famous victory of a plucky young Indian side.

As sporting moments go, this should really be one of the most iconic ones we have witnessed in South Africa. But it wasn't. Because it was taking place in Durban, so there were about 15 fans and a lone ice cream salesman saluting the great man as he called a day on his sensational career.

At that very moment, Durban should have been stripped of all hosting opportunities for test match cricket. It was a bloody embarrassment, and something that the city and region as a whole should have been taken to task about.

Fast forward to 2018 and the crowds are just as dismal. The Proteas form matching the dreadful atmosphere, their most recent outing seeing them lose by 118 runs to the Australians.

How much longer can this all go on? Well considering the Proteas results before this Aussie test, it has already gone on for too long.


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But you can't blame a venue on poor performances! Yes, you are right, but you can just stop playing there when there isn't a single positive about the place.

How often does bad light end a day's play prematurely? Often. Why, it's light from 6am in March, even earlier in peak summer so why not start earlier?

Or, as it is 2018, why not make Durban the day/night test venue? 

And also, what's up with the pitch there? Back in the day it was a quick wicket suiting the local seamers, now you want to go there as a spinner. Other than just a nice place for opposition teams to go to, what has Durban got going for it as a test match venue?

It's time to move on. Potchefstroom is a more deserving venue, then at least you know you will get some drunken students coming to watch the game.

Right now that is a massive improvement from Durban.

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