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Time for the Pacific Islanders to merge.


Originally posted September 2011.

Do you remember back in 2004 when the Pacific Islanders played as a united team and gave just about everyone a good run for their money? There was emotional talk about them being incorporated into the Tri-Nations, annual tours and more effort to get these naturally gifted players more airtime wherever possible.

Naturally this all amounted to sweet bugger all, but seeing them play over the last couple weeks as individual islands, it just seems right that they come together again as by themselves they are just not quite strong enough to be real world beaters.

They can become like the West Indies of the cricket world, the best of the best from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, running out as brothers and making the island nations proud.

It would add such a great dimension to international rugby and would see the game reach new heights in that part of the world.

So who would make this unique team? Well I have been watching these guys play of late and have come up with a hypothetical match day 15. I think you will agree with me when I say this team would sure be an exciting one to assemble.

Pacific Islander XV:

15: Geni Tai'lea

14: Ofis Rocca

13: Taek Apisi

12: Meia Laiktuparti

11: Naipolitan Sawce

10: Ineva Weararuba

9: Waisea Inadres

8: Fila Uperwrongun

7: Ionli Wantyanooki

6: Wenai Telalei

5: Heesa Veriverismeli

4: Pakershita Aftadina

3: Peeano Lifta

2: Nevanue Yubluem

1: Ijackit Inasauna

With all three islander teams looking set to exit the tournament after the pool stage, one does wonder what would have been if they grouped together to make one formidable team like the one above...

So IRB, let's get the right people into a boardroom and make this happen!

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