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This is why I love golf more each day.


I have been playing golf since I was 12 years old. That was a long long time ago. Like 1994 ago. My first ever golf shot was at Milnerton Golf Course, with a putter. I took a full swing with the club and the ball cruised into the distance unexpectedly. I was instantly hooked, and thankfully my next full swing was with a more appropriate club, starting a love affair that has only grown strong over the years. 

Now 37 years old, below is an example of a pretty good day for me.

The reason I'm sharing this video here as it is a sort of tip of the cap to some other golfing people who constantly inspire me to do more with the game.

By watching their videos, I started wanting to create videos of my own, and plan trips to new golfing destinations to create more content that I can enjoy for years to come.

First up is Erik Anders Lang.

Instagram - @erikanderslang

Twitter - @Erikanderslang

YouTube - @Erikanderslang

He is the same age as me, but picked up the game well into adulthood. But like me he became instantly hooked as is now prolific in the content space. Travelling the world to capture new and exciting golfing experiences with all manner of people.

The series Adventures In Golf put him on the map so to speak, but his personal golf videos with his crew on his YouTube channel are brilliantly made, and provide great golfing escapes for the average viewer.

Next up is the No Laying Up team

Instagram - @NoLayingUp

Twitter - @NoLayingUp

YouTube - @NoLayingUp

Like Erik, these guys are all in their 30s and making careers out of being golf content guys. Their high profile podcasts put them on the map, and as they continue to grow they continue to make more and more great visual content.

They also travel the world and make videos around their experiences on interesting golf courses.

Taking these experiences a step further, they have started a new video series around their love for the social game Wolf, incorporating up and coming tour players for extra 'sauce'.

So if your game ever needs any inspiration, or you just want to understand why people love the game as much as they do around the world, let these content bases be your friend.

For another great South African golfing destination, below is a recent round I enjoyed at the incredible Highland Gate.

Happy golfing... 

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