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TheBounce Sportsletter - Volume 3


This week all I have to share with you is how sport has momentarily lost its mind. No seriously, I was going through the stories this morning and they all seemed completely ridiculous. Sign of the times I guess, but it's my job to try and make sense of it all for you right here.


Cricket to introduce T10 competition.

When I was young and said something stupid, I would be given a slap. Life was tough in those days, the learning process was quick though. Sadly stupid ideas nowadays don't just get indulged, they are often followed through on. Case in point, a new T10 cricket competition!

I shit you not. They are going ahead with what is essentially half a T20 match as some pricks in the UAE region think it is what cricket needs. These pricks then pay cricketing whores like Vowels Morgan and Shahid Afridi to get involved and say how excited they are about the new format, and then it is a thing.


I already thought T20 was a slippery slope to unfathomable cricketing evils when that got created. We are now very much on the slide.


George Foreman wants to fight Steven Seagal.

The race issues in the USA right now, brought to light around players kneeling during the national anthem at sports games, is creating some tension. And an unlikely celebrity fight?

Well Steven Seagal recently spoke out publically at how outrageous all this kneeling during the anthem was, a view that was of course not met with much approval from the masses. Quite the opposite, so much so ex-heavyweight boxer George Foreman now wants to get into the ring with the ex-martial art star.

Seagal, who now appears to be Russian, has yet to respond. He shouldn't either. McGregor vs Mayweather was bad enough.


Nick Mallet is a racist, apparently, according to Cosatu.

Cosatu are making demands around SA rugby again. Previously they had an issue that there were still too many whites in the Bok team. They met with SARU and seemed okay with the way things are progressing.

Now ahead of this weekend's Springboks clash against the All Blacks, these revolutionaries are demanding that the match be shown on the SABC. The same SABC that just reported another R1 billion loss and who couldn't organise a piss up in a bottle store, let alone execute a broadcast plan.

Cosatu also said that 'racists' like Naas Botha and Nick Mallet shouldn't be allowed to talk about rugby on tv. Apparently they only ever say nice things about white players, but horrible things about blacks players. How do these guys claim such things when they watch SABC?

Cosatu recently had a march against state capture that didn't go to the Gupta's compound, and now they are protesting a broadcast issue at a rugby stadium. They are either very stupid or have a particularly poor understanding of geography.

Take this up with the SABC you attention seeking morons!


Welsh rugby player misses Cheetahs game after being bitten by lion.

This story is a little old now as the Cheetahs hammered the Ospreys last Saturday already, but this headline is really something to take in.

It really has to be seen to believed, how someone can be so stupid as to think they can stroke a lion like a normal cat.

That someone is the Ospreys' hooker Scott Baldwin. Apparently he is fine and should keep all his fingers.


Barcelona to the Premier League?

There is a lot of tension in Catalonia right now, a north eastern region of Spain. They seem to want independance, but the Spanish authorities are having none of it, forceably shutting down what seemed like a legit referendum over the weekend. In protest of these actions, Barcelona then played their La Liga match over the weekend in an empty stadium.

So what next? Well what if Catalonia becomes independent? Will Barcelona leave La Liga? Well this is more crazy sports news this week.

Lovely story, but Barca are worth so much to the La Liga brand, that they would never allow this. Besides, I don't think everyone in the Premier League would be too happy either. Arsenal in particular would be against it as their best possible finish would then be 5th instead of 4th.


That's about it for this week. 

The All Blacks are in South Africa, and with that comes the most cringe rugby week of the year in my opinion. I elaborate on that here.

I also wrote an article, or a sort of open letter to Springbok assistent coach Brendan Venter this week that seems to be rather popular. Click here to read that.

Then below is a video of me taking on pro golfer Jean Hugo which was good fun.

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