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The talent that was John Daly.


When you hear the name John Daly, what comes to mind? Probably all the bad stuff right?

The guy who throws clubs into the water, the gambler, the hick haircuts and the smoking and drinking. It's pretty sad, because in John Daly we had one of the greatest talents to ever grace the game of golf.

He shot to fame as a 25 year old tour rookie, as a late inclusion at the 1991 PGA Championships. He drove through the night on the Wednesday hoping he could get a spot, and he did after Nick Price withdrew.

He then won the tournament.

We have gushed over the greatness of Tiger Woods, and more recently the likes of Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and the like, but back in the early 90's, Daly and that swing were mind blowing.

The greats of the day, along with everyone else, were fascinated with his swing and natural abilities.

With a major under his belt, and the golfing world at his feet, it sadly didn't go to plan after that though.

Well, if there was a plan other than hitting it hard. John was just an ordinary middle-American type who went with the flow, and with that flow came a lot of wayward behaviour that naturally derailed his game.

No amount of talent can keep things on track when the wheels start to fall off, and boy did they fall off. His story is a tragic one, but the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary captures it all, and gets to know the man behind the drama in the most engaging of ways.

30 for 30 S03E17 - hit it hard by HDTVSeries

Even if you aren't a golfing fan, this documentary is an absolute must watch.

You just can't help but think what could have been. Perhaps two Majors was a decent return on his career, but this guy was seriously good, and if it weren't for the off course antics, perhaps Tiger would have had some really stiff competition from long John in the Majors.

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