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The #SportIs series.


In 2018 I brought you the #100DaysToBetter series. A 10 part series where I set out to add 1 thing to daily life that would improve it in every possible way.

The video work is back solely on sport this year, and with that the #SportIs series. Late 2018 I co-founded a sports advertising agency called Retroactive, and this video series will showcase all that we do in the industry, plus cover a variety of sporting topics.

It also gives me a chance to introduce you to some of the incredible people I get to meet on a weekly basis. 

New episodes out every Monday morning 9am South African time. To catch those episodes be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Or catch up on them below.

Episode 8 - Sports is full format offerings

Sport seems to becoming fixated with shortening formats for the 'good of the game'. But is this just a cop out at addressing real issues? Short term gain, for long term loss? I expand on this here.

Episode 7 - Sport is the Proteas 2019 CWC Squad

Who will be the 15 players that represent South Africa at the Cricket World Cup? I roll the contestants out to see what the best group could be.

Episode 6 - Sport is SA's greatest sports star

There can be only one when it comes to naming the greatest this country has ever produced. It's not even a debate, and hopefully this video will settle that.

Episode 5 - Sport is strength and conditioning

The game of rugby has changed in many ways over the years, with the most notable being the size and athleticism of the players. We explore this topic with Wayne Taylor, and see who is really excelling in this field of expertise.

Episode 4 - Sport is setting goals.

Be it in business or in sport, you are going nowhere if you don't have goals. Bryan Habana elaborates on this as he reflects on his career and how his many goals lead to incredible success.

Episode 3 - Sport is the world's biggest amateur golf series.

BMW is heavily involved in the world of golf, and their amateur series is really something to behold. We showcase the South African National Finals, and have a chat to Gary Player in the process.

Episode 2 - Sport is being your best

We discuss the agency's first client, and how their goal as a company provides some strong incentives for everyday South Africans to improve their lives.

Episode 1 - Sport is creating something new.

The launch of the series, the launch of something new. We discuss what goes into such things, and I showcase the new Cobra F9 Speedback driver and what made the launch of it unique.

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