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The rise of the fitness model


Models have historically been aloof looking slender women with high cheek bones, who can survive on a breakfast of coffee and cigarettes, and a dinner of champagne and cocaine.

Well, that's what the press would make you believe. Modeling is actually mostly dreadful. Young women get treated like cattle going from one casting room to the next, and if they do make it into the big gigs, they have to spend a fair amount of time with dodgy middle aged men, or even worse, Dan Bilzerian. 

Fitness models though, now this is a far more positive niche of good looking human. They are fit, strong, healthy women, who eat, laugh, exercise and genuinely seem to have a lot more fun and are a lot less dependent on dodgy middle aged men.

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The internet and modern media have created some horrible things:

Cyber bullying, Donald Trump's fame, SJWs, general trolls, awkwardly intimate new born baby photos and the Kardashians, but I feel the fitness model trend is a good thing.

You could argue it is just yet another self-indulgent/narcissistic fad making average girls feel shitty about themselves, and to a degree you could be right. But looking from a more 'glass half full' perspective, there are huge positives around these women showing off a lifestyle that certainly beats the hell out of the catwalk.


The only way we can stay healthy in life is by exercising. The reality of this needs to hit home, so that you don't just exercise for one goal, but rather develop an enjoyment for it so it becomes a fundamental part of your life. These models are all about that, and they show you the very many ways in which to exercise, breaking down misconceptions, and also providing motivation to do really cool stuff.


These girls all eat, they have to! Those airbrushed fashion models are all about being skinny, and that kind of skinny sees eating as a bit of a hazard. Burn the calories, consume the calories, this is a whole lot more healthy and sensible.

Positive body image

We all have different body types, and the great thing about sport and exercise is that there is something for everyone. Rather than getting frustrated that they aren't Giselle, a lot of these fitness models just discovered their best selves through this healthy lifestyle. Strong is the new skinny for many people, and this creates a lot of positivity for a variety of individuals.


Feel good, look good, do good things, the outdoor lifestyle associated with health and fitness sees you venturing far and wide. A lot of these girls on Instagram are always going to cool places, as opposed to hanging out at parties and getting photographed with some guy who sort of knows Justin Bieber.

Career inspiration

To further quantify just how popular these fitness models are becoming, let's look at the money side of things.

Loads of these fitness models have developed workout programmes which they sell to people from around the world. Another positive, and something which proves their independence and business skills where they are creating careers and opportunities rather than, (you guessed it) having to hang around dodgy middle aged men on yachts.

Fit is the new rich. This is a positive thing to aspire to right?

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Good luck to them all!

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