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The most pointless sports interview of all time.


For countless seasons now, us rugby fans have been going on about how pointless those halftime interviews are with players in SuperRugby. As players make their way off the field for a well earned break, they get hijacked for their 'thoughts' after the first 40 minutes.

Those look incredible compared to whatever this is though:

What next?

Are they going to start interviewing the kicker as he lines up a shot at goal?

"So you missed your last kick, what are you looking to try with this one?"

Or how about reaching out to a player that has just missed a tackle resulting in a try...

"Not your best effort there, is tackling something you are normally good at?"

Better yet, while a team is gathered behind the posts after a try, how about just getting them into an interview huddle?

"Right now you guy are 12 points back, what do you think the chances are of you coming back to win this game?"

I get that broadcasters feel the need to be more 'entertaining' or 'innovative', but these on-field interviews in any way shape or form are just stupid.

The players have nothing to say, and even if they did, how would this differ from what we just saw with our own eyes. TV is a visual medium after all.

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