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The Mediabox - something that'll change your lounge.


I work from home. Something I really appreciate I can do in my online sporting life. My area has fibre so I'm effortlessly and wirelessly connected to the internet, allowing me to write blog posts, articles, do skype interviews, or prep for my radio shows. It's pretty cool.

Naturally my life isn't just all sport, I would probably go insane if it were. Movies, series, documentaries, I watch a great deal of them, and nowadays with what is available online, you have access to them like never before. 

But it gets a little complicated in sourcing it all, and getting everything onto one device, well prior to my life of The Mediabox that is.


What is it?

In short, The Mediabox is quite simply the easiest way to watch both on demand and live TV over the internet, on your TV.

In a longer, yet more comprehensive explanation, here's a recent interview with creators James Muir and Roeland van Nieuwkerk.

How does it work?

Well via a HDMI cable you plug it into your TV, then connect it to the internet wirelessly or via your internet cable.


Once hooked up, the following screen is your start point.


You pay a one-off fee to get The MediaBox, then you access the main subscription based options via your logins. So if you have a DSTV premium subscription, just login and you get DSTV as you expect, plus all of SuperSports many sporting wonders.



Then there is NetFlix, Showmax and Amazon Prime! Between those three platforms you literally have all you need when it comes to series and movies, and this all fits into one package, accessed by one remote.

Then there are some great 'free' platforms to access. Red Bull TV is like the Discovery Channel of extreme sports. All manner of great HD documentaries and short films live on here for hours of entertainment.


Vimeo is also something that has some amazing content. I found some great alternative sports documentaries on there, on what is essentially a more premium YouTube offering. 


Of course YouTube is another entertainment option, and by logging on via Gmail you can access email and android app. Plus naturally your favourite websites via Google Chrome.


Then there is Kodi, a free open-source software media centre providing a world of entertainment opportunities and downloadable add-ons.


The more I play around with everything, the more I realise that The Mediabox is changing how I see home entertainment. Completely connected and ultra efficient, the bluetooth air-mouse remote makes everything extremely accessible and even fun to use.

Here's a recap in visual form with a guy who gets very hands on with things.

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