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The 2019 KZN Summer Golf Tour.


Golf tours are great. I have been on some good ones in my life, but I don't really do them anymore.

Mostly as I don't care for groups activities nowdays, and also heading out of town with married guys who look to turn any sort of free time into their second bachelor parties isn't my idea of fun.

But when my mate Justin proposed a two man tour to KZN to start the summer holidays, I was all in. Here is the 4 part series of this.

Part 1

The tour begins just south of the KZN midlands, with a wonderful stay in Hilton, and the delight that is Victoria Country Club.


Part 2

Cotswold Downs isn't simply just another golf estate for the deep of pockets. It's a really interesting course in prestine condition, and one that is a must do when in the Hillcrest area.


Part 3 

Heading down to the south coast to make the most of the final day of tour, Umdoni Park was a little more special expected. Unique and enjoyable from start to finish, and that was with poor weather too. 


Part 4 

With a tour that had delivered so much with regards to quality and enjoyment on the course, the fitting final round took place on The Woods course at Mount Edgecombe. A place that also provided to be the prefect base once the tour reached the Durban area.

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