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Sun City - the perfect winter break destination.


We all love a little cozy winter experience. The whole log fire, red wine and comfort food thing is a wonderful idea, and is something to enjoy during the middle months of the year here in South Africa.

As great as all that is though, we are not natural winter people. We need sun, and outdoor experiences. So while the weather may be a little glum for you right now, it’s always fine and sunny in Sun City, the place for the perfect winter break.


A comfortable 2 hour drive from Johannesburg, Sun City is more than just a special place. It deserves to be classified as its own province as once you are inside the entrance gates, you quite simply have everything you need. All year round.


Whether you want to unwind, explore, or even turn up the tempo with some adrenaline experiences, you have all you need and more right there.

As a golfer I’m naturally drawn to the two fantastic golf courses. The Gary Player Country Club continues to be one of the best courses in South Africa, with a presence second to none. Since 1981, the best golfers in the world have been teeing it up here, and once you get walking on the fairways, you get a feeling for how special this place is.


It’s a tough championship test that may not do your handicaps any favours, but with one of the skilled local caddies on your bag, and endless picture perfect moments, your score gets trumped by the experience every time.


The Lost City course is another tough golfing test, but a lot more resort like in nature. With terrific elevation changes and wildlife spottings throughout, you will do well to find a golfing experience as unique as this.


Outside of golf, there is of course the Valley of the Waves.


Yes, it is still a thing in winter, and without the summer crowds, you will get to experience the many attractions there with a bit more freedom. Sun City recently finished a massive upgrade to the property, and it is certainly visible here with some great new rides.





The saying that there is more than meets the eye really applies at Sun City. You want to go on a game drive, you can. You want to go on a hot air balloon ride, you can. You want to quad bike around the wild surrounds of the resort, you can!



Getting back to the upgrades, what used to be referred to as the ‘Main Hotel’ is now the stylish ‘Soho’. Attached to the contemporary hotel are some upgraded restaurants, bars and night club options.


You literally have it all with live entertainment coming to the fore here. For all the fun on offer during the day at Sun City, it doesn’t let up in the night either, and of course there is the casino.


I could go on forever with regards to the entertainment options, but I think it’s best to rather just cut to the bottomline. Sun City is a great place for a winter break, and what makes it even better is the promotion running until the end of June.


By booking with the promotional code ‘Adventure’, you have some great deals to chose from.


So click on through to the Sun City website, and see what suits you across the hotel options.


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