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Start your December with the Varsity Sports party!


Hello December!

The best month of the year and not just because it is my birthday month.

Varsity Sports gets underway this Friday, the 1st of December, and promises to make Durban very much the place to be right now.

The main attraction for the weekend is the Varsity 7s, an event that has been causing quite a stir in recent years, and will continue to do so if recent try scoring celebrations are anything to go by.

We have spent a fair amount of 2017 getting frustrated with our rugby teams in SA, but with Varsity Sports and the Varsity 7s, it's all about having fun and getting involved in the party this weekend.

10 teams playing 11 matches in 3 days, it's going to be intense!

Maties are the defending champs after winning the title last year in Cape Town, but with the tournament moving up the coast, the playing fields are suddenly a lot more open.

There will also be Varsity Beach Volleyball taking place too. UWC are the defending champs in this one, well actually, they will be gunning for their 5th straight title so expect them to be the overwhelming favourites again.


Outside of the actual sporting action, there is a fair amount for spectators to get involved in thanks to the event sponsors.

There is the Steers giant build-a-burger contest to see which team can assemble it the fastest, something to go perfectly with Steers' giant beer pong table.

FNB has created this hilarious T-shirt scrabble game whereby people are given shirts with a letter on them. They then have to find other people to make certain words. e-Wallet prizes up for grabs with that along with the chance to play FNB's giant volleyball too.

So if you are in the Durban area, which is a great place to be this time of the year, get on down to the Varsity Sports party.


For tickets to the event (a bargain R20), click here.

For event fixtures to see when your favourite teams are in action, click here.

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