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Shaving your balls. You’ve thought about, so let’s talk about it.


I recently wrote an article about how cyclists should shave their legs for The Shave Union.

As always, I started out on google looking to source a cross section of information to get a balanced understanding of best practice, but straight away I discovered something rather interesting.

By typing in the words, ‘how do I shave…’ before I could go any further the following popped up.


This got me thinking, it didn’t just have ‘balls’ as the first option. It had ‘pubic area’ as the second option too.

Not face, not beard, not legs - ‘balls’ and ‘pubic area’ as the top searches.

The more I researched it, the more I realized this is a big thing for men. This further lead me to believe that you then are rather curious about shaving what some may have previously considered the ‘unshavables’.

Obviously manscaping is nothing new. We all know it’s important. I mean for hygiene reasons alone you don’t want things getting too funky down there. Unlike the rest of the body where we have eccrine glands that secrete sweat of a water and salt nature to cool us down, the groin region has apocrine glands that secrete a modified sweat of proteins, fats, sugar and steroids.

Apparently this sweat cocktail can be sexually attractive for some, but ultimately it can kick up a bit of a pong to others after a long day.

I’m not trying to gross you out here, that’s just science. And no deodorant is going to sort this out, actually you should never spray such things around your sensitive areas at all.

So you have to eliminate the hair, and nothing gets rid of hair and the bacteria it harbours quite like shaving.

As we are now in a place of trust and not on google any longer, relax and let’s get into the nitty gritty of it.

First up, it would be irresponsible of me to just fly into this. I mean, for some guys shaving your balls seems as stressful as diffusing a bomb. It took us a while to master the shaving of the face, something that is mostly flat and in full view.

The ‘gentleman’s intimate area’ is an entirely differentprospect - especially with razor in hand!

It’s okay to be a little nervous, but I’m going to guide you through this, in a completely none weird man-to-man sense.


Personally I believe a good trim with an electric razor is sufficient for your middle region, but if you are an all or nothing kind of guy, then let's get into the shave.

Goes without saying at this point that you’re pubic foliage is going to need to be nice and trim before getting the blade out. A basic body trimmer or clipper machine will do in preparing you for the shave. You don’t want anything too tough hair wise while pulling off this daring maneuver.

A nice hot shower is the natural start point, opening the pores, softening the hair and relaxing everything. 

Once you are nice and warm and relaxed, you need to know you have a good razor in your hand that it is clean and capable. This is no time for sub-standard equipment.

Some say applying cold water and chilled shaving gel at this stage is the thing to do. In theory it sounds good as it will tighten the skin, but rather pull at the surface area to create the tightness. Makes for an easier shaving surface.


With a nice neutral unscented shaving gel, lather the area up. Start slow, and start with the area north of the ‘johnson’. I find the word penis a little silly, so ‘johnson’ is what we are going for in the descriptions from here. By starting ‘north of the johnson’ you get to steady your hand on a sort of ‘beginners area’.

You aren’t looking for the closest shave ever here, so just trust the glide of the razor through the shaving gel. Shave with the grain, rinsing the blade frequently to ensure a hassle free shave. With confidence now building, progress to the base of your johnson and beyond.

Think ‘tight’ at all times for the surface, so pull what needs to be pulled to make this happen. With the intro areas done, it’s now time for the balls themselves. Try go with the grain the best you can, but this is a tricky area where the grain could change up. Just make steady strokes with the razor, always remembering to rinse the blade and keep the screen tight before shaving anything.

Once you have finished up, apply a good rinse, then a gentle pat dry with a clean hand towel. Don’t wipe, the area has just been through a sensitive experience. An aftershave balm is essential at this stage, providing a needed antiseptic.

You don’t want to take any chances bacteria wise, and your newly smooth pubic area will be a little more vulnerable now than previously.


To make extra sure, a liberal talcum powder dusting is a good play from here. Then perhaps a lay down, and a little admiring of your handy work. The next day or two may be a little different sensation wise, so just keep it up on the extra hygiene considerations.

Depending on your hair type, this may be something you have to do from time to time, depending on preference. It should never be a regular thing you do more than once a week though. I know it may sound a bit daunting, but it works. Some people may sell you on getting waxed down there for the smooth look, but trust me when I say that is a bad idea.

There is also nothing overly dignified about having someone wax your balls, no matter how ‘professional’ they are.

Anything else you want some tips on? I'm here to help, drop me a mail on

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