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Premier Skills turning things up in Tshwane.


Another disappointment for Bafana Bafana last week, another 4 years of dreaming of going to a FIFA World Cup for a football mad nations.

It's not all doom and gloom in the wake of the disappointment against Senegal however. This week Premier Skills, the global coach and referee development programme run by the Premier League and the British Council, is launching in Tshwane.


From the 12th to 18th of November, Premier Skills will be providing intensive training for 60 South African grassroots football coaches and 24 referees.

It really warms the heart to hear about something like this, as Premier League club coaches provide face to face training and educational materials to participants who can then share and implement them with their own schools and communities.

To give you an idea of the impact this programme has on a region, here's some highlights from earlier in the year. 

Drawing upon the global appeal of the Premier League (reaching 1 billion people in 189 countries), Premier Skills uses football to develop a brighter future for young people around the world. Apart from the obvious football focus, this programme also assists people in becoming better integrated into local communities, raising their self-esteem and chances of employment on a broader scale.

The course taking place this week at the High-Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria is a Phase One course. It is being led by Premier League Coach Educator Graham Robinson who will be supported by Alex Curran and Steven Bell, community coaches from Middlesbrough FC and Newcastle United FC respectively. 


Coaches and referees from the following NGOs will participate in the Tshwane leg of the programme:

- Footballers 4 Life - Johannesburg

- Dlala Ntombazane - Pretoria

- Inner-city Ambassadors - Hillbrow

- Grassroots Soccer - Alexandra Township

- Scout South Africa - Mpumalanga

- Leseding Community Project - North West

- Free State Sports 4 Change - Bloemfontein

Local Premier Skills Coach Educators who completed the Premier Skills programme in 2013 will also be supporting the UK coaches on this course. This illustrates the commitment the programme is making in all those involved with it, with skills not only being gained through the courses, but also reinvested in it for the purpose of continuing the process of skills development.

Since Premier Skills began changing lives in 2007, 17 715 coaches and referees have been trained in 29 countries, who in turn have reached 1.5 million young people. If you do the maths on that, the chances of uncovering talent are superb here, and at the very least, that is a huge number of people that are being incorporated into the beautiful game like never before.

To find out more about Premier Skills and the British Council's involvement in this amazing initiative, click here.

To follow them on Twitter, click here.

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