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Play the Domino's Fan League and win with the ultimate football fan fuel.


Nothing brings people together quite like football, especially when the best teams in the world come together to contest the game's ultimate prize. While we all get excited for the upcoming games, Domino's Pizza is looking to share the ultimate FanFuel and game experience with you.


What is the Domino's Fan League?

The Domino's Fan League is a fun and interactive way for you to enjoy the world's biggest football matches over the next month.

They have created a fun fan platform where you get to predict the outcome of feature matches, and win great prizes in the process.

Getting started

Click on through to the Domino's Fan League predictor platform.

Once registered get straight into making your picks for the featured matches.


It's a simple win/draw/win split, so don't worry about providing scores.


You can make picks all at once if you like, or only make them right before kick off. It's totally up to you.

After each match your points will be displayed in accordance with your picks. Those points are then added up to create an overall score after each round.

League Play

For extra fun, the Domino's Fan League also allows you to particpate in special leagues. Whether you want to start your own, or participate in others, the option is there for you.


This is a super way of getting your friends and work colleagues in on the fun!

And yes, it's all absolutely FREE to play, so invite as many people as you like.


I'm sure you are now wondering what you could win? Well here's the breakdown.

Each featured match gives you the chance to win 2 large traditional Domino's Pizzas if you correctly predict the outcome of the match.

After each round of games, the player with the most points stands a chance of winning R1 000 in cash.

At the end of the competition, the players with the most points after participating in all the rounds then get to win an even greater cash prize.

1st place R10 000

2nd place R5 000

3rd place R2 000


The overall winner also wins Domino's Pizza for a whole year!


You have a big month ahead of action, so click on through to be a part of the Domino's Football League, and make sure you have all the #FanFuel you need to enjoy all the action.

For more details, follow @DominosPizza_ZA on Twitter.

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