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North Korea'a army of beauties.


North Korea is a circus. Seriously, it is run by an overgrown man child, a sort of poor man's Bond villian, who rules by fear and other psychopathic tendencies. 

It is unlike anywhere else in the world, and is therefore always a subject of much fascination to the rest of the world. The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea was always going to be a stage for them to show the world who they are, and their cheerleading squad is doing just that.

Looks all fun and jolly right? No, they are a propaganda machine, tasked with showing how strong and united North Korea is. These women are hand picked and groomed for the role. They must be 5ft3 in height, be round of face and have big eyes. 

I'm not making this up. They are also unpaid, and have to attend training camps for months on end to prepare for their many performances. They are also under 24 hour scrutiny from a team of minders and secret police. Everything they say or do is watched, and they naturally cannot defect or run away. If they do, their family at home will be sent to prison camps, or even killed.

They can't even talk about their travels. 21 cheerleaders were once sent to a prison camp for telling friends about what happened on one tour!

It's not all doom and gloom though. 'Perks' include cosmetics and bananas, and the travel is of course also a plus.

So the next time you see them cheering in their hypnotic (forced) state, just think of why they are there, and what pawns they are to Kim Jong Un. A guy who actually married on of them a few years back.

Here's what Jimmy Kimmel did on the subject this week.

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