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MUST WATCH - Why US college athletes don't get paid.


This is a simply mind blowing sporting talking point. College sports in America are simply huge. From the live crowds at the football games, to the money that these teams bring in from broadcast deals. It's as professional as it gets, yet the players earn nothing. Why not?

This VICE documentary covers the topic brilliantly and certainly asks all the right questions.

My take

I still don't know enough about American sports to be any sort of authority on the matter. But just on face value something doesn't add up here. The NCAA (National College Athletics Association) has been described as an organisation that quite simply exploits young talent. And when you think about it, that isn't much a of stretch from the truth.

The counter argument is that these kids receive a quality college education within the system and an amazing opportunity to develop themselves ahead of turning pro in their sports. Sure, that seems cool for say a sport like golf, but in terms of sports like basketball and football, for many their college years are their prime earning ones, and many deserve some revenue for the sacrifices that they are making.

Especially football where injuries happen so quickly, career ending ones at that. And if the injuries are sever enough, the colleges can revoke the scholarship at any time, meaning the player has to then pay for the tuition, and the medical bills.

I believe the players should get paid. Sure this may degrade the college experience, certainly from an educational stand point as these young stars may suddenly feel they don't need the school part of being a college player. 

But with so much revenue being generated, you simply cannot exclude the ones driving that. There are many more nuanced arguments out there on the subject, but I really do think it's as simple as that.

College's will argue that they use all the money to create world class facilities. And they would be right. These campus sports facilities are probably the best you will see in the world, putting many professional setups to shame. They also pay staff big money in order to get the best talent. But there is still enough money to go around.

The soft solution here is for players to at the very least profit of their name and personal likeness. Allow them to at least be their own brands so to speak. A luxury they aren't currently entitled to even. 

The NCAA states that even accepting gifts is a violation to their scholarships and could get them kicked out of college.

The real kicker is that 86% of all hand picked college athletes come from a poverty background. As in keeping food on the table is a daily reality. Let that sink in for a second, these players want to just be able to feed their families, but they can't even do that all while millions are made of their sporting abilities.

That to me is a far greater issue that keeping 'college sports in the spirit of amateur competition'. 

Keep an eye on this story, the next two years will see some interesting developments. 


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