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MUST WATCH - The origins of T20 cricket.


England will claim they invented T20 cricket, but the truth is they didn't. Though they had the first officially sanctioned tournament at this new shorted cricket format, the idea originated and was first tested in South Africa. This documentary unpacks this innovative happening.

My take

The initial stages of T20 cricket is a wonderful illustration of how big sport broadcasters can add great entertainment value. It is clearly obvious that the actions of SuperSport, and quality hired sporting experts like Mike Haysman can come together and do more than just tick professional boxes.

Thought the English claim to have created and formalised this format, this is something that South Africa can proudly claim. At first people thought it was just a gimmick, but more and more T20 cricket is helping the sport evolve and strengthen in difficult times.

I was never a fan of T20, but I initially held this view when life was far simpler. Our smartphones hadn't yet taken over our lives, there was no such thing as Netflix, and YouTube was something you watched the occasional funny video on, rather than viewing it as an entertainment channel that it now is.

We have less time for things nowadays, but more importantly, we have less interest in things as we simply have too many entertainment options out there. T20 cricket found a way to package the sport so it can compete in such a reality, and this was possible all because of a rain effect ODI game which turned out to be an absolute ripper for the fans that night back in 1999.

SuperSport does a great deal for sport in South Africa, and indeed the African continent. And this is another fine example of this.

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