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MUST WATCH - The Mark Bingham story


Yesterday I shared an inside look into the Barbarians rugby team. Something synonymous with a greater rugby brotherhood and community that underpins what the game is all about. Today we take that a step further, and showcase the Mark Bingham story and what he has added to the sport.

My take

This really is one of the greatest stories in the history of rugby, and one that certainly made me feel a little emotional while watching it. Tough sports reveal tough people. But a sport as tough as rugby also reveals those willing to make a difference and uplift where many have previously suppressed.

Still in 2020 homophobia is an alarmingly widespread problem. Why this is still the case is unfathomable to me, but this is sadly a reality, and a reality that gay men have to deal with. 

Much like their heterosexual counterparts though, gay men also like sports, also like rugby, and obviously also like playing. Only fitting then that they should be able to enjoy all of the above without prejudice. And incredible strides have been made with this thanks to Mark Bingham, and the international popularity of the Bingham Cup.

This year 83 clubs with 143 teams from 20 different countries were set to contest the 2020 playing of this tournament. Sadly because of Covid-19 it has been postponed to August 2022, but the fact it has grown this much is testament to the legacy of Mark Bingham, and this incredible movement he has helped create within the sport of rugby.

Hopefully even more teams will be added to the 2022 tournament. And hopefully the continued growth and success of the tournament will keep correcting perceptions and breaking down the barriers that gay men have faced in playing a game that we all love.

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