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MUST WATCH - The incredible Fijian 7s rugby team.


How is it that the small island nation of Fiji can be so dominant in the game of rugby 7s? This video gives you a greater insight into this incredible team. How they train, how they come together as a unit, and what winning the gold medal at the Olympics in Rio meant to them. 

My take

Rugby sevens may not be a huge sport by world standards. But like any sport, it provides the opportunity for people to come together, overcome adversity, and rejoice in the fruits of your hard labour.

Fiji are a wonderful example of this. The small island nation has made the game of Rugby sevens their own over the last few decades. Though often challenged by New Zealand and South Africa for the titles of the kings of the game, there is no question on who reigns supreme in the sport.

They are a nation of people with limited resources, but huge belief and a passion for what they do. You would think every sporting team should have that. But it is a feature that can't be coached, you just hope it shines through when opportunities are presented.

Speaking of opportunity, their rise to international fame and Olympic gold is a great reflection on how the powers that be have grown the game of Rugby sevens globally. From World Rugby, to the sponsors, to the fans that come out and support the world series events, this in itself is a great story, and long may it continue.

Fiji won't be defending their Olympic title this year because of the Covid-19 epidemic. But come next year they will still be as difficult to beat as ever!

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