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MUST WATCH - Starboy (A Connor McGregor film)


If you aren't a MMA fan, or were late to the party like me, you may not quite grasp why Connor McGregor is such a big name in the fight game. Sure the Mayweather thing was a bit of a flop result wise, and Khabib Nurmagomedov taught him a lesson. But his rise to these ranks is a must watch.

Thankfully the short film below not only brings you up to speed on the subject, but also displays one of the most comprehensive displays of confidence and execution in all of sport. And on the back of this alone, you can't help but respect what an absolute champion this guy is.

My take

Many people say Connor McGregor can never be the fighter he once was. He recently destroyed Donald Cerrone in a much hyped return fight, but his critics said Cerrone is a has been looking for one last big paycheck at the end of a long career.

These are the kind of negative things that people always say about polarizing/villain  characters though. The truth of course is that he is someone who just understands his sport like few ever have before. From what he does in and out of the hexagon, to how he has evolved and adapted as he has matured in fighting. And of course how he uses the mental aspect to gain an advantage over his opponents.

What you saw in the Starboy video above wasn't a one off, good day at the office. It was a meticulous start to finish destruction of an opponent, and this is what this guy can do when he channels himself correctly.

But therein lies the challenge. Where does he see himself going? He wants to become a billionaire, and with his various revenue streams he is on a path to achieving that. But will these side shows cloud his fight focus?

A fighter's future is also dependent on who he can fight. Does he get a rematch with Khabib at lightweight? Does he try and make himself a full time welterweight contender and chase a blockbuster fight with Masvidal, or put in a string of performances to challenge someone like Usman for the belt?

Or does he focus more time on boxing? Ultimately he will do what he wants because he can, and he knows he doesn't have anything to prove going forward. The important thing to appreciate is that he moved the needle for the UFC and mixed martial arts in general like nobody before. Every sport needs a Connor McGregor to keep taking it to new levels and new audiences. He is the epitome of an icon, and what makes professional sport the amazing drawcard that it is.

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