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MUST WATCH - A week with the Barbarians rugby team.


As great as professional sport is, it has sadly eroded some of the great traditions and romance across all codes. The Barbarians Rugby Club is somewhat of a throwback to a past era, but thankfully it is still alive and well to remind us of what is important in the game. Here is a week with them.

My take

A few years ago, I really felt the Barbarians had less and less significance in the game. Much like corduroy in daily life, it was once great, but there's just no point anymore.

But this is the thing about the Barbarians rugby club. There is so much more to it than face value. It's a living history of the game, it's the spirit of the game beyond results and pay cheques, and it's a coming together to show that this game will always be more than 80 mins.

These are all press release type elements, but watching this video above makes you realise all of this. Being a professional rugby player is a massive sacrifice in so many ways, and is often a relentless fight to just survive, and keep coming back for more.

The respect that these playes have for each others proves this, and getting the chance to come together like this is indeed a big honour. Players can often get lost in what this game is about. Crazy training schedules, impossible fixture lists, and the constant threat of career ending injuries... All of this can lead to the players becoming one dimensional, but thankfully the Barbarians is a reality check for all involved.

And with these learnings the players involved gain valuable experience, experience that they can pass on to their home teams and nations, and also to the next generation looking to carry the game forward.

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