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Let's all try back off Tiger.


Tiger Woods is never going to eclipse Jack Nicklaus's 18 Major victories. Does this mean who won't be considered the greatest player in the history of the game? Perhaps.

Is that accurate? Probably not.

Nicklaus has the records, but what Tiger did for the game can never be truly quantified or appreciated. Not now, maybe not ever, but he is without a doubt the greatest thing to have ever happened to the sport.

And this is what is making his comeback basically impossible. The guy was so dominant, so unstoppable, that now he is just a mere shadow of his former self but everyone is expecting what they become completely consumed by.

We can't let Tiger go, and this is the major problem. We fixate over his every move, scrutinise his every shot, theorise on what is missing, what is getting in the way of his return...

Can you imagine how all of this is making it even tougher for Tiger to make his comeback? The guy is just trying to put bat on ball at this stage, but still has to deal with the weight of the world on every backswing. He has naturally brought this upon himself by being the legend that he is/was, but I still think this is a little unfair.

Much like a car crash, we just can't look away though. Some even getting some perverse joy out of his failure.

So let's all take a deep breath, give him some room, and watch this recent interview he did with Charlie Rose. There are some key insights to be gained here from the man, and something that may give us some much needed perspective as how we see Tiger going forward.

I don't see he coming back to any sort of resemblance to his former self, and certainly don't see him winning another major despite his talk to the contrary.

But if he is allowed to do things his way away from the draining spotlight of the world's media, he may just be able to surprise everyone. Here's hoping...

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