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Kirsten Landman's road to The Dakar Rally.


Following on from Retroactive's multi-award winning web series for Biogen on Hobbo's BiogenJourney, I'm thrilled to be sharing our next project with you.

Kirsten Landman is a hard enduro rider. Though that in itself is impressive, there is so much more to her than that. Not content with being the first woman to compete and complete bike races around the world, she and Ryobi Africa are setting their sights on the biggest race of them all.

The Dakar Rally.

Enjoy the series by scrolling down below.


She was born to ride, and having achieved everything there was to achieve in her sport, the biggest challenge of all now awaits

Episode 1 - part 1

In this episode we get to know Kirsten a little better, and how she is lucky still be with us today after a life changing experience in Botswana. 

Episode 1 - part 2

For Kirsten Landman, The Dakar Rally is so much than just about racing. See what her major motivation for participating in this race is, and what is motivating her to take her career to the next level and beyond.

Episode 2

Just how tough is The Dakar Rally? There is no better person to answer that question than Joey Evans.

Episode 3

The Dakar Rally tests every aspect of your abilities on the bike. None more so than that of navigation. Dakar veteran Darryl Curtis elaborates on this, and the kinds of steps Kirsten needs to take to prepare in this regard.

Episode 4

The Dakar Rally will see Kirsten burning up to 10 000 calories a day. In order to prepare herself for this physically, she has had to undergo a strength and conditioning routine unlike anything she has done in her career to date. 

Episode 5

With Kirsten's Dakar Rally preparations constantly ramping up to her departure for Saudi Arabia, she is already working on her post race plans. Though this race is the ultimate moment in her career, it is also just another step towards what she is looking to achieve in the sport and life in general.

Episode 6

The final checks and considerations are made before Kirsten heads to The Dakar Rally for the first time. Here she checks in with the KTM team to find out more about the finer details around her Dakar bike.

Kirsten Landman Road to The Dakar Rally TVC

Behind the scenes of the Kirsten Landman Road to The Dakar Rally TVC

Get a behind the scenes glimpse into the making of Ryobi's recent TVC with Kirsten Landman, providing a snapshot of her story ahead of making her debut at The Dakar Rally. 

Episode 7 

Having achieved her goal of being the first African woman to cross the finish line of the Dakar Rally on a motorbike, Kirsten Landman retells the story of her race here.

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