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In 2017 I made it a goal to start doing more video content. Without a camera other than my phone, and having never edited anything in my life really, this was of course a bold kind of goal, but one that I was up for.

I created a YouTube channel and got to work on filming whatever I could to gain experience, and develop a greater understanding of the medium.

Fast forward just over a year, and I got an incredible opportunity to create a video series for Biogen. It was around taking a guy called Hobbo from the worst shape of his life, to completing a half Iron Man.

20 videos later, here is that series, and something I am very proud of. Scripting, filming, editing and narrating, it certainly was something I got to put my heart and soul into!

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Meet Hobbo and find out what his #BiogenJourney is all about.

Episode 1

To achieve his audacious goal, Hobbo has assembled a team of professionals to help him work towards it. Meet them here.

Episode 2

In episode 2 of Hobbo's #BiogenJourney you get to see how things are coming along in the training, and how he is making a solid starting with the cycling in particular.

Episode 3

Hobbo has reached his first milestone on his #BiogenJourney. 10 kgs lost, but he’s quickly brought back to earth with a cycle race to test his early gains.

Episode 4

Things are about to get tougher for Hobbo on his #BiogenJourney, so some much needed motivation is called upon for his next phase.

Episode 5 

Hobbo has sadly started to plateau in his quest to go from the worst shape of his life to half iron man participant. See what's going wrong, and more importantly how he is going to turn it around.

Hobbo and the team recap on the progress as the year comes to an end. Is Hobbo on track, or is he a little behind where he needs to be?

Episode 6

Hobbo is back and track and with a new bike he is tackling his first triathlon. See how he gets on here.

Episode 7

Hobbo and the team recap on the progress as the year comes to an end. Is Hobbo on track, or is he a little behind where he needs to be?

Behind the #BiogenJourney

Enjoy a behind the scenes look at what goes into making each episode, and how it all began.

Episode 8

Hobbo kicks starts his 2019 with one of Lisa Raleigh's Rebounding classes. A much needed session after a 4 week trip to New Zealand. 

Episode 9

Hobbo participates in his first Park Run, and challenges a fellow weight loss hopeful in the process.

Episode 10

Hobbo has now lost 20kgs on his #BiogenJourney, and with that is upping the ante in the training too with a different kind of session with Wayne 'Tails' Taylor.

Episode 11

Hobbo takes the bold step towards an Olympic distance triathlon, and his biggest challenge of his #BiogenJourney to date. See how he gets on here.

Episode 12

Champions triathlete and coach Rudolf Naude offers some valuable insights around open water swim training, and what Hobbo can expect come race day at the Durban 70.3 Half Iron Man.

Episode 13

Hobbo uncovers some photos of himself at the start of his BiogenJourney, and it starts to sink in how his life has changed for the better through it.

Episode 14

Hobbo returns to Cycle Lab for a tune up on his bike fitment with master fitter Bradley Potgieter. 

Episode 15

Tragedy strikes Hobbo's #BiogenJourney at a crucial stage injury wise. What does this mean for his half iron man chances, and will he be able to achieve his ultimate goal?

Episode 16

The question of balance comes into Hobbo's training. His latest injury setback could have been avoided with smarter training, which is highlighted by biokineticist Cayla Urdang.

Episode 17

In episode 17 of Hobbo's #BiogenJourney, our transformation star's team talks about preparing for Ironman. What to consider, and what to not forget ahead of the big day.

Episode 18

The big day has finally arrived. Hobbo lines up at the start of the Ironman 70.3 Durban looking to successfully conclude a life changing journey.

So super proud of Hobbo. There were certainly times when him crossing that finish line looked unlikely. But he stuck to it, and also had to contend me with me capturing what I could about the process along with it all.

What's next?

All due respect to Hobbo, next up is something even bigger and better. And that is sharing the story of Kirsten Landman, and her quest to become Africa's first woman competitor on The Dakar Rally with Ryobi.

Click here to watch that series unfold.

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