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Pollywog surf brand and experience company is on the hunt for ambassadors who stand a chance to receive unique sponsorship deals to the value of R140 000 in cash and prizes.


The #PollywogSurfluencer campaign is an opportunity to put surfers back in the spotlight and to grow their brands for when the industry and investors are open for business to sign their new recruits. 

The professional circuit has been put on hold, and as a result, all events have been cancelled or suspended. Meaning no prize money for athletes, no sponsorship deals, and less multichannel earnings.

The devastating impact of the Covid-19 virus is expected to extend to economic losses on the sporting front globally, with an estimated $61.6bn in missed revenue by the end of 2020. 

Together with Bryan Habana's athlete marketing platform (technology partner), Pollywog is looking for surfers and bodyboarders who epitomises what this sport and lifestyle is all about; someone who is as prominent online as they are in the waves.

“We are looking for someone that can impress the judges by creating an epic MatchKit profile, as well as showing they are a great fit to represent us by showcasing their surf life and the Pollywog brand online,” says Pollywog founder and CEO Richard Edy.

#PollywogSurfluencer is made up of four ambassador categories; male, female, junior and bodyboarder. The male and female #PollywogSurfluencer winners will each earn R10 000 cash a month for 3 months, as well as a R30 000 product voucher on Junior and bodyboarder winners will receive gear sponsorships valued at R10 000 each.

To get started, view the competition page here:

For more on and what a profile on this platform can do for you, view the video below.

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