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F1 recap - Shanghai


Welcome to a new F1 feature, presented from an anonymous F1 expert on behalf of

I never used to car about F1, then I watched the Netflix series, so now I'm hooked and find this sort of stuff well worth sharing.


Same same in Shanghai

Looking at what happened at the Chinese GP, it seems like it might have been another boring Mercedes procession this year. But like we've seen with Netflix's F1 show F1 - Drive to Survive, there's always plenty of drama to talk about behind them.

Starting with Ferrari. It looks like Vettel is losing his edge. Leclerc was given team orders to let the German through, despite the young Frenchman being faster. It's worrying that this has to take place, because Vet is a 4 times world champ and gets paid $40m per year to be the best challenger for the world championship. He might however be out on his ass at the end of the year if Leclerc keeps showing him up.
The Red Bulls had a decent race, Gasly getting a first top 6 finish, with rumours swirling that he might be demoted back to Toro Rosso if his performances don't shape up and soon. The coup might be that Red Bull would sign Alonso for a brief few races, or even replace Verstappen if Mercedes pinch him, since it's been news that Jos Verstappen has been on the phone with the Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff. Gasly also got an extra point for having the fastest lap of the race.
Ricciardo got his first proper result in his Renault, coming 7th, or 'best of the rest'. Big shift for him because he won this race last year with Red Bull. The Renaults need to bridge the gap between the midfield and Red Bull, as they're spending way more than any of their direct rivals. Unspecified DNF for Hulkenburg, probably engine again, Renault's achillies heel. 
The McLaren's both had dreadful days. Norris retired with accident damage, and Sainz finished well outside of the points. Their chassis is quite good this year so it's a real shame.
Not sure why Haas were so slow, as they are usually quite good, being overtaken by a Toro Rosso starting from the pitlane in last isn't a good look. 
Perez got his kak Racing Point car into the points somehow, and Stroll showed us again how he's only in the sport because his dad has cash. 
Albon in the Toro Rosso won driver of the day, having started last and in the pitlane, eventually finishing 10th and in the points. Big accident on Saturday for him, amazing that the team can replace the engine and rebuild most of the car in such a short space of time.
Williams are a full disaster at the moment and going to be stuck at the back. Claire Williams was completely the wrong choice to be the top of the organization, her brother actually had team management experience in F3000 and would have been a better option. She has fired a whole lot of people, it's a disaster down there, morale low etc. So sad for the 3rd most successful team in F1 history.


Next up, it's Azerbaijan on the 28th of April.

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