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F1 recap - France


Yup, you guessed it. Another Mercedes 1-2 finish with Hamilton coming out on top. Curiously, the viewer numbers are up this season despite the action having all the predictability of a Adam Sandler movie. I think that has much to do with the Netflix show, but for more in depth F1 insights, from an actual insider, I give to you the recap of the French GP.


F1 recap - France

Right, race fans, here's the breakdown of the French GP. Lewis triumphed and dominated, he trominated. It was quite boring. It seems strange that the viewer numbers have gone up this year, I'll leave the speculation on causation up to you.

We can talk a bit about the penalties that were incurred by Danny Ric and Sergio Perez. Ricciardo's were justified though a bit against the spirit of racing, I think Max Verstappen had a few similar pens last year, with the "4 wheels off the track" rule coming into effect. Sergio Perez probably didn't deserve his penalty for a first lap detour and seems to be a bit off colour, being over shadowed by 'daddy's little racer' on Sunday, and the previous race Sunday, if I recall.

Leclerc burned Vettel quite badly on this one, though Seb did get married recently, his mind might be slightly adrift. Max did well for a 4th position, keeping a much faster Ferrari package at bay. The strange thing with the Red Bull this year, Honda powered RB15, is that while it might be more reliable than the Renault powered RB14 from last year, it hasn't won ANY races, it hasn't even gotten close. What's more telling is that Gasly is having a really tough time making the car work properly, one wonders if he'd have done better in, dare we say it, an easier to drive Toro Rosso? 

McLaren had a great race, apparently the first time they'd had 2 cars qualify within the top 6 since 2014. No mean feat if you think back to their Honda experiment and the utter disaster that was for both parties. Lando Norris won driver of the day for battling to 9th without the use of DRS or battery charge from engine braking. Carlos Sainz had a good race to end of 6th, clearly best of the rest. 

Next up is Austria, hopefully we get a bit more interesting racing!

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