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F1 recap - British


Back to a Mercedes one/two, but not really the boring kind as Silverstone dished up a pretty decent British Grand Prix. Naturally there was more to the race than Mercedes' dominance, it was an action packed affair on and off the track, as my F1 insider reveals here. 


F1 recap - British

Sports fans, we have had a feast of spectacle sport this past weekend, and thank goodness the F1 was no exception. We may have had ANOTHER 1-2 for the silver arrows but we had a lot of wheel to wheel racing, a few crashes and spins, an abundance of overtakes and an inevitable unravelling of the Fyre-Festival-of-energy-drinks, Rich Energy. 

If you haven't been following the drama, please do yourself a favour and look at their twitter account. The CEO, William Storey, has been tweeting up a storm, saying that the Haas team is effectively a milk float at the back, and has said that they will be terminating their title sponsorship deal. He then TWEETED the lawyers letter of demand of £35m in bank guarantees which were part of the sponsorship deal. 

The other mentionables are, that Frank Williams has been involved in F1 for 50 years, a really amazing feat. Red Bull showed off its Aston Martin Valkyrie on track for the first time, an absolute game changer in the world of cars, every bit the spiritual successor to the McLaren F1 of the 90s. 

The 2009 season winning Brawn GP of Jenson Button was seen having a go around the track too, a real Cinderella story of a rag tag group of people interpreting the rules in such a clever way that no one could catch up in time to catch them. Truly the underdog stuff of legend.

Now on to the race, Hamilton showed us again how much better he is than Bottas, though that's not very remarkable. What is remarkable is that he's won 6 British Grand Prix now, surely amassing many an unbeatable milestone, at this point. He made quick work of Bottas and then cemented his position after a fortuitous safety car meant he was ahead of his team mate and had newer tyres. Leclerc and Verstappen had a few scraps, with Leclerc getting some revenge from Austria. They were wheel-to-wheel for quite a while, and it was really entertaining. Vettel crashed into the back of Max later in the race, which left Vettel damaged and at the back after a necessary pit stop. Gasly finished with a P4, his best in the Red Bull, though not quick enough to catch Leclerc. 

In the midfield, the Renaults and the McLarens did battle, with the safety car being very unlucky in its timing for both Renaults, and for Norris in the McLaren. Sainz did very well to hang on to P6, despite getting an egg flap on TV from Danny Ric, who ended up P7. Wiley old Kimi finished 8th, Kvyat in 9th and Hulk in 10th. Behind the points, we find a struggling Racing point, who don't have great pace, the Haas cars which crashed into each other and both retired early on, the Williams boys who show up with a brave face and lap at the back (though faster than Haas right now), Albon was unlucky not to get points in the second Toro, as his tyres degraded quite badly towards the end. 

On to the Hungary GP in two weeks, look out for Max at that one, the guy has fire in his belly right now and it's amazing to watch!

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