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F1 recap - Austria


Finally, something to cheer about in F1. Max Verstappen and Charl Leclerc, the future of the sport, put on a Sunday showdown for the ages. Naturally the stewards had to come in on a potential ruling, but the correct result was achieved, and our F1 insider has more on that here.


F1 Recap - Austria

Sports fans, F1 might be back to it's best with races like Austria. Max Verstappen pulled off a come back reminiscent of Schumacher, Hamilton, dare we say it, Senna proportions. On pole was Leclerc, hunting for his maiden F1 victory, and oh did he come ever so close! This has been hands down the best race of the last 3 years, I don't remember one that's gotten close to how exciting it was! Max qualified in 2nd, bogged down off the line and fell back to 8th before showing us a masterclass in overtaking all of the big dogs throughout the 71 laps. The last 10 so laps were nail biting, as he was hunting down Leclerc and knew he needed to pull something special out of the bag to catch the young Monagasque. 

Another couple of reasons why it was so good: Mercedes didn't win, they didn't even get a second position. Hamilton didn't win, he didn't even get a podium! Their car was apparently pushed to the limit on the high temperature track and ambient on the day, something everyone struggled with. Ferrari had a much better car but what's truly thought provoking, is whether the Red Bull is better than either, or whether the combination of a true outlier in racing talent, coupled with a decent chassis, led them to victory. It also marks the first win for a Honda-engined car, their first since 2006. It wasn't so long ago that Fernando Alonso was telling his race engineer that the engine was that of a GP2 car, with a few other wry comments that have ensured he'll never race in a Honda engined car again. 

The next time a Honda man comes across Alo in the wild, I imagine this will be the look he'll be given:


There was plenty of intrigue in the midfield too, with Kimi Raikonnen getting himself well up the grid on the first lap and holding off superior cars in style. Lando Norris has done an excellent job for McLaren, with a 6th place, one he can be very very proud of, especially considering he had the Red Bull of Gasly (Embarrassing that Max lapped Gas) behind him. Carlos Sainz, got himself from 19th to 8th in the race, quite an achievement for him. The Renaults were off the pace, as were Racing Point and Toro, though not nearly as badly as Haas, who had to worry about Williams cars catching them. Apparently their aero and chassis performance is not bad, they just cannot get the tyres into the operating window properly this year. We're going to see a few Netflix clips of him looking like, in his words, "a bunch of wankers" in front of everyone, again. 

The next Grand Prix is Silverstone, always a strong race for Lewis but let's hope there's a bit of progress behind him, perhaps enough to give him an upset. You might see me in the crowd, I'll be the pink one with the hat. 

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