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Do we follow too many people on Twitter?


Though many take pot shots at it, twitter is probably the most important social media platform out there. Sure there is no movie about its creation, it hasn't set the stock market alight, and it has some major problems in terms of operation. But it just works on so many levels.

Particularly for sport.

It was on twitter that I got going as an online sports person, and it is still my primary content platform. I have my issues with it like everyone else, but is the issue perhaps not actually with us instead of the platform?

Over time I have followed a wide variety of people, many whom perhaps fill my timeline with crap I don't need and get distracted by. But like every other social media glutton, I just scroll on.

Then Rich Mulholland came into studio to talk about follower gluttony, and as always he made a great deal of sense on this topic.

From 01:43 in, he gets into it.


I have been on twitter since 2009, and this is my profile below. 654, I follow 654 profiles, that can't be right.


Are there really 654 people worth following? Of course not, and even if there were I simply don't have the attention for all of them.

As I use social media in my 'work' capacity, I need to be a lot more focused on whom I follow. I need to curate again, and as Rich said in the podcast above, I need to get back to getting information from people that I think share good things.

But what's the ideal number?

Difficult to say as we all have diverse interest and attention spans. Let's try something ultra brutal though, let's try and work out #MyTwitter10. If we were only allowed to follow 10 profiles on twitter, who would they be?

This is hugely difficult, but as I value twitter as a medium, I'm going to give it a try.

After ruthlessly culling a great deal of followers, I got down to 10 profiles I believe are the most important on my timeline. (in no particular order, primary focus in brackets)


@RobertMarawa (Multi-sport opinion)

@EuropeanTour (Golf)

@NoLayingUp (Golf)

@Sporf (Football)

@JWcoetzee (Rugby)

@DennisCricket_ (Cricket)

@SuperSport (Multi-sport)

@CraigRay (Rugby)

@FrontRowGrunt (Rugby)

@SimplySean_ (Multi-sport humour and smarts)

Now you try, take some time to really scrutinise your following list. twitter is a wonderful thing, but our gluttony has made it less so as Rich said earlier. Weigh up who your best curators are (shared content or conversation wise) and tweet me your selection.

Don't worry about hurting anyone's feelings. If someone unfollows you because you unfollow them, or don't mention them, they are naturally a child :) 


As you can see, in order to get to #MyTwitter10, I have halved the amount of people I follow. I hope to decrease this number further in an ongoing attempt to make twitter better for my sporting experience.

The 100 mark is the key goal.


For more of Rich Mulholland, subscribe to his YouTube channel and enjoy his weekly videos.

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