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Are we in for another thriller at Silverstone?


As you may have noticed since watching the Netflix show on F1, I have become quite a fan of the sport.

Even more so after last week’s Austrian GP where Max Verstappen showed what he is capable of by hauling in the leaders after a terrible start, and racing his way to victory.

But I know what you are saying. That was just a once off, and it will be back to business as usual with another Mercedes one/two, with a Hamilton victory at his home GP. 

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There is no getting away from the fact that Hamilton is the hot favourite. He, along with Alain Prost and Jim Clark hold the record for most F1 wins on the track with 5. Added to that Hamilton has been very outspoken on how much the circuit means to him, and that he is willing to fight for the British GP to stay there, despite calls for it to be moved. Then most importantly, Mercedes will no doubt be well over their mechanical hiccups from Austria, and should once again produce a car that will be very hard to beat.

I started this piece asking if we are in for another thriller at Silverstone though, so best I now move away from telling you about Hamilton’s chances. First up, the British GP has historically dished up a few bizarre moments. Something to consider ahead of the race.

The bigger talking point for me is that after the dominant start that Mercedes had, the rest of the races this season will see drivers with literally nothing to lose on the track. 

Let’s have a quick glance at the points standings to see what I mean.


Mathematically or otherwise, the title isn’t going anywhere but Mercedes this year. But the chasing three, now with very much nothing to lose are going to be having a full go at any chance.

Enraged by the ruling against him at the Canadian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel will be racing with extra purpose and aggression going forward. Provided his car keeps him up to pace, it wouldn’t be hard to believe there is now an extra bit of steeliness to his performances going forward as he looks to seek vengeance on Hamilton and Ferrari. 

After his win in Austria, and no doubt with greater confidence in his Red Bull car, Verstappen is going to be like a dog at dinner time to take any gap he gets on the track. Rumours will always circulate about him joining bigger teams in future, and this will no doubt play a factor too as he constantly looks to prove he is the future of the sport.

Speaking of the future, Charles Leclerc has shown glimpses of being there neck and neck with Verstappen. The fact the Dutchman got the better of him in such a situation last time out will no doubt make him extra motivated too, which added to a healthy rivalry between him and Vettel at Ferrari, and you have a firecracker waiting to go off.

It only needs two leaders to go toe to toe to make for a thrilling F1 race. The fact we have 5 here on current form that can produce fireworks suggests the British GP can very well be another thriller.

Let’s now hold thumbs for good weather, and for all cars to fire come race day.

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