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WARNING: This post contains the use of Australian.

This past Saturday, Michael Cheika got very emotional as his team was denied what he thought was a perfectly good try. 

It has been alleged that in this moment he called the ref 'a fuckin' cheat'. The rugby world seem to be up in arms about this, and I quite frankly find this really insenstive.

Such was the uproar that Cheika himself chose to deny saying anything of the sort. 

Off course he called the ref a fuckin' cheat. Cheika is Australian, this is just how they talk!

The words 'a fuckin' cheat' may cause offence to the sensitive westerner out there, but in his culture it means nothing more than, 'fair enough, I guess you may be right.'

It's like that time Michael Clarke got into trouble for telling James Anderson 'to get ready for a broken fuckin' arm'. 

All the Aussie skipper was doing was informing the Englishman that Mitchell Johnson was bowling really fast that day and that he may need to apply more caution while batting.

How in 2017, we as a society can be so detached from another nation's culture is beyond me. I'm not one for being offended on another's behalf, but I also won't just sit on my hands as others are disrespected.

Australia is a fabulous country, with fabulous people that have added so much to our lives. I mean where would we be without:

Kylie Minogue 


Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan


ABBA's first big international break


Budgy smugglers


The most handsome X-Men character


The drunken chants of Aussie Aussie Aussie in the streets of international cities


Fuckin' Tim Tams!


Renee Somerfield


Australia, the fuckin' movie


I could really go on all day, but I think you get the picture.

We don't make fun of French people when they talk. Oh no, with them it's the language of love...

We don't make fun of Asians when they talk despite not being able to make heads or tails of it. Oh no, 'China is taking over the world' we say, teaching your kids mandarin is seen as progressive. 

So when an Australian fuckin' talks, we should fuckin' well respect how they fuckin' go about it. This is who they are. Embrace them.

Multi-culturalism is the only way forward for this diverse beautiful world, so let's fuckin' get on board with that.

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