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All you need to know about the quarter-finals.


24 down, 8 remain.

The men and boys are well and truly not on the same field anymore, so let's look ahead at this next round and who the contenders have become. Football's ultimate title is at stake, and the next step towards that pinnacle sees some incredible match ups to enjoy.


16:00 - Uruguay vs France

20:00 - Belgium vs Brazil


16:00 - Russia vs Croatia

20:00 - Sweden vs England


How have the predictions been going on the Domino's Fan League so far?

Up and down? Me too, but I was naturally thrown by Russia getting it done against Spain in the round of 16.

As expected Uruguay and Argentina did the necessary and with that ejected Ronaldo and Messi with respective teams.

That Denmark vs Croatia match sure was a heartbreaker with Croatia winning on penalties, but perhaps not quite as scarring as Belgium's win over Japan in injury time. Japan went from 2-0 up to 3-2 down and heading home.

The round of 16 really did have it all. Brazil with perhaps a 'conventional' win over Mexico, then back to the bizarre England actually managed to win a penalty shoot out!

But back to the games ahead, and who could be worth your picks on the Domino's Fan League.

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16:00 - Uruguay vs France

Uruguay really are proving to be a well rounded team. The obvious threat is up front, but that defence is nothing short of world class. France on the other hand are the superstar outfit very much favoured to win this one. It's a coin flip type situation, but with Cavani looking doubtful to partner with Suarez up front, I'm backing France for sure.

20:00 - Belgium vs Brazil

Belgium is due. You've heard this a few times in the last few years, but against Japan they again looked like a star studded team that just can't seem to get it together in the big tournaments. 

Still, the 3-2 eventual win suggests they still are a threat, but strong enough for Brazil? I don't think so.

So much is made about Neymar and co up front, but defensively Brazil are incredibly tough to get past so I'm backing the South Americans here.


16:00 - Russia vs Croatia

You're thinking it, so I'm just going to say it. If Russia win this one I'm calling foul play. At the bginning of June this team showed very little promise and genuinely weren't expected to progress from the group stages.

I'm all for the home team doing well, and the crowd becoming the extra player and all that, but it seems hard to believe that this Russian team is on the verge of a semi-final place.

In their last game Spain didn't look like they wanted to score against them with an aimless passing game, but let's move on from the conspiracy theories.

Croatia are a dangerous team with a mesmerising midfield. I'm backing them for the win.

20:00 - Sweden vs England

This is going to be a tight one, with England's greater attacking flair being something that should take them through. Will Gareth Southgate's young team have the composure though? Getting it done against Colombia in that penalty shoot out would suggest so.

Here's to another great weekend of football.

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