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#Manlines - April 29 edition


You know the drill by now, #ManLines is all about bringing you closer to the Man World out there, so let's get started with the headlines that simply apply to you. Man. 

Ted 2 - it's coming!

Movies are mostly crap nowadays, and that has a lot to do with 'sequels', or even worse, 'movie franchises'. But one sequel I have actually been waiting for is Ted 2. The first movie was genius, this one has all the makings of being a goodie too.

Coming soon. Shall keep you updated.

Man gives girlfriend an 'Arsenal Test'.

A couple weeks back on #ManLines, we shared a tragic story of a man getting a 'Beyonce Test'. Well, the tables have been turned, as an Arsenal Test has been given, and I'm proud to announce that the girlfriend in question passed with flying colours.


Click here for the full story from UniLad.

Man cooked to death

When you think of the worst possible ways to die, this may just be at the top of the list. Slow cooked in an oven filled with tuna?

Well that is what happened to Jose Melena, a worker at a tuna factory, who was doing a mandatory check up on a large oven. A co-worker not thinking he was in there, then filled the stove with over 5000 kgs with canned tuna, and turned up the heat.

It was noticed that he was missing, with factory workers looking everywhere for him. Two hours later, the oven was opened, Jose, or what was left of him, was discovered.

Full story here on 

Forget Banksy, here's Wanksy

The normal news reveals all kinds of stupid and evil people in the world, but then you get a story like this, and you realise there are still people of worth out there.

Wanksy, an artist of sorts, is spray painting giant cocks around potholes in England in hope of drawing attention to them, so they can get fixed.


You are an inspiration Wanksy!

A golfing GPS wristwatch!

Men don't need an excuse to buy a great gadget for themselves, or his fellow man, but with Father's Day coming up, it doesn't hurt to get some suggestions.

And here is one such suggestion, the TomTom Golfer!


Golf is much better when you know where you are going, especially for the better player who need an extra bit of precision in their game. Personally I refuse to use the GPS binoculars, I think they look silly, but this watch option, there's a winner!

Precise yardages to front, middle and back of the green, positioning of hazards on the hole, and all controllable from a one touch interface, it's a proper Man gadget.

More details, click here

Man sues girlfriend for gifts purchased after break-up

From a great gift, to what not to do with gifts bought. Some douchbag is trying to sue his ex-girlfriend for money spent on her during their relationship.

No, for real! They broke up, and now he has paid a lawyer to issue her with a demand to recoup funds for what he spent on her during their relationship.

This guy is a disgrace.

Click here for full story from

Mail Order Brides - is it really that bad an option?

With the above story in mind, we are reminded that dating in general isn't always easy, so is it too outrageous to truly consider the Mail Order Bride option?

It will cost you between R11 000 and R177 000, and when you break it down, you really could make worse life choices.

This is how the process basically breaks down:

1: First up, order from reputable site, the free ones are mostly scams, so do your research

2: Money first drops on the catalogues, reputable providers have brilliant catalogues for you to start the process from

3: You then need to pay a translator to begin the interaction phase over the phone once you make a choice

4: The purchasing of addresses then takes place, you physically purchase their address so you can send letters, stake a claim so to speak

5: Romance tour. From here you then need to visit your soon to be bride in their native land

So that's the ball rolling so to speak, now to hear some success stories:

Click here for testimonials from guys who have won at this.

Car to know about - Koenigsegg Agera R

Koenigsegg is a car company formed from one man's passion, to simply make an insanely unique super car. Made in small quantities, these cars have become icons of the motor industry, and are as rare as they are invigorating. 

Here is the Koenigsegg Agera R.


Top Speed: 440 km/h

0-100km/h: 2.8 seconds

Engine: 5.0l V8

Output: 850 kW

Simple bottom line about this car, it's up there with the Bugatti Veyron. We don't need to say more.


How much? Just under R50 million, if you can somehow find one.

Girl to Instagram - Michelle Keegan

Michelle was just voted FHM's sexiest women in the world! Okay, this means less than it used to, but still, it means the winner is well worth knowing about. 


Video of the Week - Tim Deluxe - It just won't do

Remember this one? Club classic from a decade ago, with an eye-catching music video of note.

Want more #ManLines? Well click here.

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